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For Anna :)

And We’ll Figure It Out, Together by jakia

Summary: Missing scene fic.  How Kurt and Blaine came to their “no hands below the waist” rule.  Summer of last year fic, first time frottage, 90% dialogue because I’m not good at writing porn where things actually happen. (R)

When Nowhere Means Everything by sirwarblington

Summary: When Kurt and Finn run out of gas in the middle of a road trip, the closest source of residence is the Anderson Farm. What Kurt doesn’t expect, though, is that the youngest son, Blaine, will have a greater impact on him than he originally expected. (PG)

Like Chewing on Pearls by heyblaine

Summary: “He takes a deep breath and doesn’t allow himself to think about what he’s doing as he starts walking towards Blaine’s house instead.” Part three in my skank!Kurt ‘verse (or also known as the skank!Kurt-‘verse where Kurt isn’t even part of the skanks, he just has the pink hair and piercings). (link to Part 3, NC-17)

Somebody Kind by robotsfighting

Summary:  I wrote this for flaming_muse, because she hasn’t been feeling well lately, which is unacceptable, because she’s awesome, and cold symptoms should be afraid to mess with her. She’s already had the story for a while, but now I release it to you, The Internet! Because I’m sure that a lot of you aren’t feeling well, either. And it’s nice to read sickfic when you’re sick. This is proven science. (Not proven science.) The title comes from “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from The Sound Of Music. (G)

It’s Hot Out Here by gleekto

Summary: Kurt and Blaine and their first Pride together - June 2011.  In which Blaine is shirtless, and Kurt is distracted. Because honestly, they had just entered into the world of the unscheduled shirtless make out session. Precisely once. And it was incredible. newboyfriends!Klaine. (PG-13)

Singing the Journey by wintercreek

Summary: Blaine takes a job as Music Director at a Unitarian Universalist church to pay for grad school. Kurt is uncomfortable with this but finds his own way of fitting it into their lives. A story of liberal religion, complex relationship negotiation, family, music, marriage and a year in the lives of Kurt and Blaine. (3 long chapters, NC-17)

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